The 2020 Summer Reading Program,

'Imagine Your Story', is 'in the books'!

Congratulations to all of the 68 reading program participants and to the winners of the games and activities. 
The deadline for handing in your reading logs is Friday, August 7!

The craft projects will continue to be available out in front of the library for those of you who haven't been able to pick

one up yet.

Weekly Guessing Jar and Question of the Week Winners


Guessing Jar Week #5- Congratulations Robin King-there were 241 pretzel sticks.

Question of the Week #5: Which 2 are not a Greek god? Answer: Minerva & Loki ---There were NO winners!

WEEK #4 Winners:

Guessing Jar Week #4-Congratulations, Nicholas Belcher, the 'Read To Shreds' book was The Princess and the Pea.

Question of the Week #4- Congratulations Debi Belcher, your name was drawn from the batch of this week's correct answers. The land animal with the largest eye is the Ostrich!

WEEK #3 Winners:

Guessing Jar Week #3Congratulations Robin King, you guessed it on the nose!- How Many Sets of 3 Bears are there in the Jar? 71 sets of 3 bears! 

Congratulations Robin King- 71 sets of 3 bears!

Question of the Week #3Congratulations Debi Belcher- Which animal was not part of The Musicians of Bremen? You were right, it is a MOUSE!

Week #2 Winners:

Guessing Jar Week #2-  Congratulations Aaron Wilcott- there were 113, you guessed 100!

Question of the WeeK #2: Congratulations Taylor Elliott- your name was drawn from multiple correct guesses. A Zedonk is the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey.


Guessing Jar Week #1- Congratulations Beth Simmons, the weight of a bag of Patriotic M&Ms was 3lbs, 14oz and you guessed 3lbs, 13.5oz

Question of the Week  #1-CONGRATUALTIONS Cody Brown, your name was drawn from a few correct answers. The answer was 154 feet!